Cigarettes and chocolate

Smoke, cigarette smoke cloaked everybody: drunk and alluring it slides on everybody who was in the room. It cloaked, flattered and excited. Smoke of Marlboro cigarettes. The windows were curtained with heavy and long curtains and the semidarkness made this situation more relaxed.

Girls were in a drowse, some of them lay on the sofa, one of them in the armchair.
All of them were in beautiful silk dresses. One of them really stood out. She set on the velour chair. Her dress of color violet- purple gently assessed her body.

Delicate laces gave her sexuality that she had plenty already. Long and chestnut hair draw on her shoulders and over it was thrown a fur neckpiece.

She smelled of chocolate: dark, bitter and at the same time sweet.
She served drinks to everybody. Glass of red wine. From drinking it the head became foggy and after that nobody wanted to leave the amazing apartment.

Time was passing. Already it was late in the night, but young people didn’t wish to go away.


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