Without title

Cigarette smoke absorbs your clothes and your lungs, the sound covers you, it separates you from reality, and your mind falls asleep under the exposure of poisonous cocktail.

It’s dark around, but the bright light strikes the eyes. Bodies, belonged to strangers try to move keeping time with music.

You close your eyes and flow together with smoke, with music, your thoughts fly away to the distant ceiling, which seems not to exist, though the particles of your gray substance prompt that the ceiling is here.

Where are you? What’s with you? You have no idea. You just know that you still live, but somewhere in supernatural world.

You can only feel…….Smoke tears your nostrils, and your ear-drums are ready to burst because of the noise, crawling on them.
But what has happened suddenly? Y

ou are cold again, you are on earth, you are together again with your thoughts. Clothes are filled with cigarette smoke – it is the only one reminder about the world you’ve visited. You listen to the wind.

Now, not sounds, but the wind rushes into your ears and cuts them through. The wind hits against your face, as the wave hits against stones. You are on earth again.

Subtle seconds of detachment passed, and you are on earth again. Probably, in two days, in a week, in a month you’ll be in chase of unreal seconds of happiness, reverie, and they will fly over you, slightly touching the grain of your soul.

And they fly away again, leaving you on this sinful, black planet, and they will keep the hope that you’ll catch them, i.e. you’ll stop the course of the time. And they’ll fly away again, far away and irreversibly, born for the freedom.

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