Flame – is the reflection of imaginary silhouettes

Famous producer, more than 2 years ago shot a representative film for one reliable company, he proposed also to make photos.
At this moment, work with photo camera begins to capture him more and more.

When he shot the movie "Sword-bearer" he made a whole photo works series. One evening, he stayed in the kitchen he pored into ashtray whisky and set it on fire.

He was very amazed with this fire and he made several shots. And on the computer screen he unexpectedly saw evident line of dancing personage and he started to burn everything.

Over many frames he found the one that caused the greatest effect and after small correction of lots of flame petals - his pictures were completed.

Here you can see some of his amazing works:


GagayMD said...

mmmmmmmmmm..likin' your photo in your title bar..haha!

BTW, can we exchange links?

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