Watch, glasses, cigarettes.

Previously, long enough smokers’ rights can be determined by the presence or absence of cigar and according to the material from which he (cigar) made of decorated.

The tradition continued, but smoke-case is not so popular, at least among the middle class. Clearly, the need to buy the stack and shift its contents to another little package who beauty. There are, however, a kind of thin cigars (such as "Coffee-Crim’), which directly in smoke-case and sold, but where the same then exporting the metal became unnecessary packaging?

So smoke-case left alone and moves on to cigarette bundle. It was strange; cigarettes are still indicator of the consumer in a particular social group.

They largely determine the image rights. Of course, the "prestigious" any brand is not as a result of the package, but because of the price (if agree that it defines quality), but from the design of brand positioning is something that depends. One day does, the stack is the same accessory as watches or sunglasses.

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